The Saxon-Polish Union – A Trinational Research Project

Researcher: Andreas RutzJoachim Schneider

In cooperation with the German Historical Institute in Warsaw, the Historical Institute of the University of Warsaw as well as with other historians from Poland, Lithuania and Germany, this ISGV-Project aims to revive and intensify the study of the Saxon-Polish Union in the 18th century and, further on, the overall relations between Saxony and Poland in a joint research network. On the part of the Polish partner there is a great interest to look into the epoch of Wettin-Saxon Rule between 1697 and 1763 as well as into the interrelations between Poland and Saxony under the kings August II and August III, impartially and under various perspectives of modern research. Also the subsequent offer of the Polish Crown to Elector Friedrich August III in 1791, and the short rule in the duchy of Warsaw of 1807 play a role here.

In this regard, the ISGV with its main office in Dresden plays a key role concerning the regional historical research expertise and the knowledge of the local archives as well as in providing infrastructure for planned conferences and workshops.